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Genealogy Resource Books: Family Histories (alphabetical by surname)
Family Name Title Author/Publishers
Aldridge Aldridge Records, Vol 2, 1975 Aldridge, Franklin R.
Alexander Alexanders of Maine Alexander, DeAlva Stanwood
Armey Working Hands Armer, Alberta
Avery Avery Family in America Carter / Holmes (1893)
Baker Baker Family History / Name / Origin / Lineage Lines  
Baker Baker Marriages, Pensions, Wills Merrifield, Dorothy
Bakers Isle of Wight Bakers:Bakers /North Carolina /Kentucky  
Barrett Family History and Genealogy Joann Elaine Barrett, Stapled papers,1994
Beecher Fidler, Gorham, Graves, Plumb, Schmidt and Relatives Lambert / Kimball
Beekman Settlers of the Beckman Patent Dutchess Co NY 18th Century Settlers Doherty, Frank J.
Beyea Courage through adversity, the family history of Beyea, John B., James, and Benjamin Beyea, John B.
Bixby The Bixby Genealogy (3 Vols) Bixby, Willard. 1941
Blanchard The ancestors and descendants of James Blanchard, Jr. Pendleton, William, Thomas Shute Blanchard and Shepard Blanchard
Bliss Bliss Family Bliss, J. H. (1881)
Blood Early Generations of Robert and Richard Blood of Concord and Gorton Harris, Roger Deanne
Bond Bond and Cook Genealogy Doneen, Audrey and E. Burdette Chrisman
Borden Historical and genealogical record of descendants as far as known of Richard and Joan Borden who settled in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, May 1638 Weld, Hattie Borden
Boydstun / Boydston The Boydstun-Boydston Family (l bound book, 3 other items with cover) Domonoske, G.Boydston
Bristol The Pioneer Preacher Bristol, Sherlock
Britton Abstract xeroxed copy
Brown An Authentic Wagon Train Journal, 1853 Brown, William Richard
Browne The Chad Browne memorial:newspaper clipping, 1888 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Brubaker Descendants of John and Amma Brubaker Elder, Margaret
Brumfield Descendants of Thomas Brumfield of Berks County, PA Genealogy and Family history 1729-1960 Brumfield, Ray C.
Butler Butler notes: Ref. Journal on Butlers from 1644 Borden Family
Campbell Our Campbell Ancestors Vincent, Rose Strong
Carpenter A genealogical history of the Rehoboth branch of the Carpenter family in America (Publ. 1898) Carpenter and Morehouse
Chafee Chafee and Le Bosquet Families LeBosquet, Oliva Kate
Chaffee The Berkshire, Vermont Chaffees Elliot, Almer (1911)
Chapman Robert Chapman-David Thomson allied family lines Saunders, D. Chapman
Chase General Jonathan Chase (1732-1800) Cornish, N.H. Papers, 1977  
Chase Seven generations of the descendants of Aquila and Thomas Chase (reprint 1983) Chase, John C. and George Chamberlain
Chrisman Chrisman, Elmer B. and Audrey Chrisman Doneen Chrismans --- Virginia to Oregon Doneen, Aubrey and Chrisman, Elmer
Church Descendants of Richard Church of Plymouth, Mass Church, John A. (1913)
Clark Descendants of John Clark of New Haven, CT Hoagland, Lloyd W.
Coffelt (Kauffeld) Kauffelds in America R.J. and J.W. Coffelt
Cole Origin and history of the name COLE with biographies of all the most noted persons of that name. 1906 American Publications Association
Cook Bond and Cook Genealogy Doneen, Audrey and E. Burdette Chrisman
Cook Charity Cook: A Liberated Woman: Quaker preacher. History of Quaker migration from PA, MD, VA, NC, SC, OH, IN. Genealogy: Wells, Wright, Cook, Lewis, Henderson, Hollingsworth families, etc: 1670's / 1820. Newlin, Algie
Cook Haley, Robbins, Cook genealogies, Yarmouth, MA Haley, J. Lucius
Cooper Surname Cooper from the Indexes of the 1840 Census  
Crandall Elder John Crandall of Rhode Island; Descendants Crandall, John C.
Cutler Genealogy Cutler family, Lexington, MA: some of his descendants, 1634-1964 James and Burgess, Marjorie C.
Davis Will of John Davis Davis, John
DeChenne Biography of Julien DeCheene and Martha Ann Green Cupps, Rayanne D. by Rayanne DeCheene Cupps, g-granddaughter 1989
Dewey Branch of Jedediah descendants of the fourth son of Thomas Dewey the settler. Dewey, Walter
Dewey Branch of Josiah. Descendants of the second son of Thomas Dewey the settler. Dewey, Walter
Dewey Our birthright kinship with distinguished descendants of immigrant, Thomas Dewey, Windsor, Connecticut Dewey, Walter
Dewey Branch of Thomas Dewey Dewey, Louis M: 1898
Dewey Branch of Israel, descendants of the Third son of Thomas Dewey the Settler Dewey, Walter
Dial The Dial Family, 1862-1972 Smith, Florence Dial
Dinsmore Dinsmoor-Dinsmore Family  
Dodge Genealogy of the Dodge Family of Essex Co. MA 1629-1894 (First Part-1894) Dodge, Joseph T.
Dodge Genealogy of the Dodge Family of Essex Co. MA 1629-1998 (Second part) Dodge, Joseph T.
Douglas Clan Douglas, 1980 McNie, Alan
Dow The book of Dow. Genealogical memoirs of the descendants of Henry Dow, 1637: Thomas Dow, 1639 and others of the name, immigrants to America during Colonial times Dow, Robert Piercy
Dudley Dudley and allied familes (in an envelope) Weiland, Florence
Durfee The descendants of Thomas Durfee of Portsmouth, RI. Vol. I (Book and Paperback) 1902 Reed, William F.
Earle Ralph Earle and his descendants (1888) Earle, Pliny
Earle (See Hampton-Harrison and Earl Families, the Venurers)  
Eastman Puritan ancestors, in America of Georgia Ann Eastman Bennet, William
Ellis The Family of Lt. John and Elizabeth (Freeman) Ellis Sandwich, Massachusetts. (1983) Ellis, Harry H.
Evans The Evans Genealogy Seaver, J. Montgomery
Faubion Faubion-Boydston Records  
Felch The Felch family in America: The sixth generation  
Fleming The William Fleming family and descendants. Fleming, Helen Parr
Fuller Elijah Knapp Fuller and His Ancestors  
Gallup Genealogical Notes of the Williams / Gallup families Williams, Charles Fish
Gates Abel Gates, 1793-1870. His ancestors and descendants Gates K. Leo
Gates Genealogy of the Gates Family. Gates, Fredrick T.
Gates Our American Ancestry Gates, Fredrick T.
Gerber Historical Sketches of seven generations. Descendants of Deacon Michael Gerber 1763-1938 Gerber, E. P.
Gibbs Family Notices Collected, William Gibbs, Lexington, Mass.  
Giffin Trail Blazing Pioneer, Col. Joseph Ballinger Giffen Giffen, Helen S.
Gifford Gifford Genealogy 1626-1896 Gifford, Harry E.
Glidden The descendants of Charles Glidden of Portsmouth and Exeter, New Hampshire (Xeroxed copy-1925) Chamberlain, George W.
Godfrey Overland Diary of James Godfrey, Part II  
Goodnow Descendants of Edmund Goodnow, Roxbury, NH  
Gorton Samuel of Rhode Island and his descendants. Vol 1 and 2 Gorton, Thomas
Gould The Gould family of Stoneham Vinton, John A.
Graves Graves Family (article only)  
Hale (See Jones-Watson-Hale)  
Hale / House Hale, House, and related families mainly of the Connecticut River Valley Jacobus, D.L. and Edgar Waterman
Haley Roots Haley, Alex
Haley Haley, Robbins, Cook genealogies Haley, J. Lucius
Hall The pedigree of Fletcher Garrison Hall Hall, Garrison Kent
Hampton / Harrison / Earle The Venturers Meynard, Virginia G.
Haws Chocolate cherries and fifty years Haws, Earnest C.
Henckel Henckel genealogical Bulletin. (papers)
Heston Zebulon and Dorothy Heston (papers and clippings)
Horton The ancestors and descendant of Isaac Horton of Liberty, New York Horton, B.H. (xerox)
Horton Ancestors and descendants of Stephen / Jane Horton of Warwick, New York Alpeter, Lillian Horton
Horton Bonded Passengers to America Coldham, Peter Wilson
Horton Descendants of Thomas Horton of Springfield Mass., 1602-1640 Fischer, Carl W.
Horton History of some of the lines of the posterity of Thomas Horton one of the founders of Springfield, MA Horton, Thomas
Horton The Hortons in America (corrected reprint of the 1876 work by Dr. George F. Horton) 2 copies Horton, George F.
Horton Thomas Horton of Milton and Rehoboth, MA Appendix D added, c.1984 Jenks, Margaret R.
Horton Thomas Horton of Milton and Rehoboth, MA: 2 Vols Jenks, Margaret R.
Horton Horton - 1310-1972 Horton, Austin J.
Horton The Hortons in America White, Adaline Horton
Howard Ten generations of Virginia Howards Howard, Walter L.
Howe Howe Genealogies Howe, Daniel Wait
Howell Howell lines (Vol 2 only) VanZandt Bell, M.A.
Huber-Hoover The Huber-Hoover history Mennonite Publ., 1928
Huckins Huckins Family Henry Winthrop Hardon
Hyde Hyde genealogy: descendants in the female and male lines, from William Hyde of Norwich: 2 vols, 1864 Walworth, Reuben H.
Jackman Walking through the shadows with the Jackmans Jackman, Etta C.
Jennings Jennings family: v. 2 only, 1899 Jennings, W. H.
Johnston Johnston family tree Wilson, Ross
Jolly Gold Spring Diary: Journal of John J. Jolly Jolly, John J.
Jones Genealogical dictionary of Southern Jones families Stercula, Beverly M.
Jones Jones-Watson-Hale and others. SC, TN, AK (2 vols) Courtney / Gerlene York
Jordon The Jordon memorial. Family records Rev. Robert Jordon and his descendants in America Jordon, Tristam Frost
Kauffeld (Coffelt) Kauffelds in America R.J. and J.W. Coffelt
Kaufman Kaufman Heritage Book Bayley, Beatrice
Kemper Genealogy of the Kemper family in the United States. Descendants of John Kemper of Virginia Kemper, Willis and Harry Wright
Kendall Kendall and allied families Finley, Harold R.
Kenyon American Kenyons Kenyon, Howard N.
Kilpatrick The Kilpatrick family. Ancestors and descendants of Marian Douglas Jones and Robert Jackson Kilpatrick with related families Kilpatrick, Marion
Kimball Joseph Kimball Family / Canterbury, NH Kimball, John
Koenitzer Record of Michal Everman of Germany Haraldson, Irene
LaRue Six Generations of LaRues and Families Mather, Otis
Lee The Lees of Virginia, Seven Generations of an American Family  
Lillard A Family of Colonial Virginia (2nd Ed.) Lillard, David
Lillard A Family of Colonial Virginia Vol. II Lillard, David
Lott-Saub Memoirs of the Lott-Saub Family (Oroville  
Lovejoy The Lovejoy genealogy with biographies and history, 1460-1930 (c. 1930) Lovejoy, Clarence Earle
Marden Marden Family Genealogy Getchell, Sylvia Fitts
Marshall Marshall Family Chart notes  
Marshall Sheppard / Marshall Genealogy: Burrows, Clark, Deakins / Dickens, Gatchell, Graves, Green, Hibbs, Hudson, and many others. 1974 Sheppard, Lillian A.
Martin Descendants of Lieutenant Samuel Martin of Wethersfield, CN., Vol 1. Hay, Thomas Arthur
McDaniel McDaniel notes: xeroxed  
McFadden Connelly McFadden Boles, Harold W. and David Boles
McGaffey The McGaffey Family (1904) McGaffey, George W.
McMath Memorials of the McMath Family McMath, Frank M.
Miller Story of Joseph S. Miller, 1822-1899 Dutra, Edward
Minor Thomas Minor. Descendants, 1608-1981 John Minor
Morey A Genealogy of one branch of the Morey Family 1631-1890 Morey, Roger
Morgan Morgan Family History 1989 Morgan, Avice
Morgan Ancestors and Descendants of Daniel Morgan and Polly Frost 1996  
Merwin The Merwin Family in North America. Miles Merwin 1623-1697 in the male line Genealogy of Miles Merwin Association
Nash The Nash Family: Records of the descendants of Thomas Nash 1640 Nash, Sylvester (Rev)
Newcomb Descendants of Andrew Newcomb (1923) Newcomb, B. Merrit
Owens Robert Dale Owens' Travel journal, 1827 Elliott, Josephine M. (ed.)
Palmer Palmer families in America. William Palmer of Plymouth Palmer, Horace W.
Palmer / Barrett Ancestral lines of Truman Dixon Palmer and Emma Calista Barrett with descendants Palmer, Horace W.
Perrine Daniel Perrin "The Hugenot" and his descendants in America, of the surnames Perrine, Perine and Prine Perrine, H.D
Pickens Smith-Pickens. A memorial tribute to John Smith and Martha Pickens. (Indianapolis, IN, 1912) Pettijohn, Grace Smith
Poffenberger From Germany to Antietam  
Porter A genealogy of the descendants of Richard Porter who settle at Weymouth, MA, 1635/allied families Porter, Joseph W.
Prescott Five Hundred ancestors of John Prescott and James Prescott of Hampton, New Hampshire Weis, Frederick Lewis
Prescott Forty Sound Reasons Why Weis, Frederick Lewis
Prescott Eight lines of descent of John Prescott, founder of Lancaster, MA 1645. From Alfred the Great, King of England 871-901 Weis, Frederick Lewis
Prescott The parentage of John Prescott, Lancaster, MA 1645 and of James Prescott of Hampton and Kingston, NH Weis, Frederick Lewis
Prescott Prescott Memorial, genealogical memoir John Prescott 1640: his descendants.Part one only --- 3 generations Prescott, William
Prewitt Prewitt-Light-Ringer-Hollowell and allied families Prewitt, L.D.
Reynolds Reynolds family history Seaver, J. Montgomery
Roberts Roberts family history Seaver, J. Montgomery
Roberts Roberts Register. A clearinghouse of genealogical data on Roberts families and allied lines. v.1, no.1-v.3 no.3 Nov. 1982-July 1985 (9 issues)  
Robertson Ancestry of Joe David Robertson, Jefferson, Texas (xerox)  
Robinson Robinson Family Journal, Vol 4, No 1, 1994 Battleson, Helen Nichols
Roots The Route of the Roots Patterson, Ferne Kitson
Rutherford Genealogical history of our ancestors. John and Priscilla Alden Descendants of Rutherford, W. K.
Ryan The Ryans Ryan, James E.
Seaburg From roots to branches. Story of the Charles Seaburg family, 1600-1984. Sweden and America Letey, Marilyn
Seward Seward and Related Families, 3rd. Ed. Seward, George C.
Sharp Know your relatives. The Sharps, Gibbs, Graves, Efland, Albright, Loy, Miller Snoderly, Tillman, and other related families. c1972 Peters, Genieve E.
Shepherd History and genealogy of James and Sarah Sheperd and their American descendants Shepherd, John Franklin
Sheppard Sheppard / Marshall Genealogy: Burrows, Clark, Deakins / Dickens, Gatchell, Graves, Green, Hibbs, Hudson and many others. 1974 Sheppard, Lillian A.
Slade-Babcock Slade-Babcock genealogical newsletter. v1-3. 1968-69 Boyer, Carl
Small Descendants of Edward Small: allied families: 3vols Underhill, Lora Altine
Smith Records of Henry Smith (Puritan) and his family Brady, Jane T.
Smith A record of the family of Roswell Smith, son of Steel Smith of Farmington, CN, Windsor, VT and other localities with residence of descendants. 1919 Smith, Roswell
Smith Smith-Pickens. A memorial tribute to John Smith and Martha Pickens. (Indianapolis, IN, 1912) Pettijohn, Grace Smith
Spalding The Spalding memorial: a genealogical history of Edward Spalding of Virginia and Massachusetts Bay and his descendants. 2v. 1897 Spalding, Charles W.
Spooner Records of William Spooner of Plymouth, MA and his descendants. v.1 (xerox copy-Cinncinatti 1883) Spooner, Thomas
Sprague Sprague families in America. 2 vol. 1913 Sprague, Warren V.
Stevens Stephens-Steven genealogy Stevens, Plowden
Stone Ancestry and descendants of Gregory Stone of Cambridge, MA. 1918 Stone, Gregory
Stone Simon Stone genealogy. Ancestry, descendants of Deacon Simon Stone, of Watertown, MA, 1320-1926 Bartlett, J. Gardner
Stone The Stones of Surry. Stone, Charles H.
Stout Stout and allied families. v.1, 1970 Stout, Herald F.
Sturdevant Record of some of the descendants of Rev. Samuel Sturdevant of Connecticut and Pennsylvania. 1949 Sturdevant, Mabel
Sullivan California Pioneer, 1844-1884, Sistr Gabrielle Sullivan  
Sumner Record of the descendants of William Sumner of Dorchester, Mass., 1636. (1879) Appleton, Wm. Sumner
Swift William Swyft of Sandwitch descendants.1637-1899 Swift, George
Taylor Taylor family: See Taylor Bulletin, no. 1-22 1 bound copy/ 1 envelope  
Tenney The Tenney family: The descendants of Thomas Tenney of Rowley, Mass. 1638-1904. Tenney, M.J.
Traylor The Traylor family, part I. In Family Puzzlers, a weekly genealogical newsletter published by Heritage Papers, Danielville, Georgia  
Triplett The Triplett Abbott, Hortense E.
Trowbridge History of the Trowbridge family in America. 1908 Trowbridge, F. B.
Trowbridge The Trowbridge Family or the descendants of Thomas Trowbridge. (1872) Chapman, F.W.
Trudeau Trudeaus of Louisiana  
Wadsworth Two hundred and fifty years of the Wadsworth family in America. (1883) Wadsworth, Horace A.
Walker Memorial of the Walkers of the Old Plymouth Colony. 1620 to 1860. (1860) Walker, J.B.R.
Warren Richard Warren of the Mayflower and some of his descendants. (1901) Roebling, Washington
Watkins Watkins. A Beginning Genealogy, 1992 Bickford, Jane E
Weber Captain Charles M. Weber. Pioneer of San Joaquin Friends of Bancroft and founder of Stockton, California. Library, Berkeley, 1966
Warren Wheeler and Warren families. (1892) Wheeler, Henry W.
Westgate Westgate Collection: Warren Westgate Genealogy Large collection, many families: Information in file cabinet. [See Index.] Westgate, Warren
Westgate Westgate Family Heritage Book Westgate, Warren
Wheeler Wheeler and Warren families. (1892) Wheeler, Henry W.
White Descendants of John White of Wenham and Lancaster, Mass. 1638-1900 White, Almira Larkin
White Descendants of William White. (notebook)  
Wilcox / Wilcoxson Wilcox / Wilcoxson families of New England Osborne, Martha Scott
Williams Williams lineage  
Wood A genealogy of the lineal descendants of William Wood who settled in Concord, MA in 1638. Containing also Revolutionary and other records. Elmira, N.Y., 1901 Holmes, Clay
Wright University Woman. The memoir of Celeste Turner Wright, professor of English, Emeritus. (1981) Wright, Celeste Turner (UC Regents)
Yates Notes on the Yates Family Bryne, Ellen
Yocum, Yoakum A history of the Yoakum, Yocom, Yocum families and others. (1963) Smith, H. C.
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