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Below is an archived list of Davis Genealogy Club (DGC) members who have chosen to post the surnames and localities of their research interest.
Anyone (DGC member or not) wishing to contact someone listed here should do so through the contact information listed next to that person.
Any DGC members wishing to add or modify their surname entries on this website may submit their changes to the Secretary (in person or mailed c/o DGC). Submission forms are available at the meeting. or online at http://davisgenealogy.org/pdf/SurnamesForm2006.pdf
Members should include full names, phone or FAX numbers, addresses, eddresses, and links to their websites (if any) for use by the Secretary; but submitting members will decide which contact information they want to have published on the webpage.  [Note: Eddresses on this website are encrypted to reduce spam.] A person's surname list may be removed if she/he is no longer a member or if the contact information is no longer valid.
Latest additions made July 2008
DGC members' surnames lists (alphabetically by member's name):
ERICKSON, Glen W.      eddress:
The surnames in my (and my wife's) family are:
    ALFORD ... Illinois
    BENJAMIN ... Illinois, Quebec Province, Canada
    du BRUUN (or du BRUNN / BRUNN) [duBRUNN, duBRUNN) ... ?
    ERICKSON ... Minnesota and Sweden
    JENSEN ... Denmark
    OHNSTAD ... Minnesota and Norway
    SETTEM ... Illinois, Norway
    SIROIS ... Illinois, Quebec Province, Canada
    TAYLOR ... Illinois

GREEN, Gordon H.      620 M Street
     Davis, California 95616 USA
     URL: http://gordonrosalynd.tripod.com
Here is my surname list (For more Missouri surnames, see my website):
    BEGLINGER ... Switzerland, Missouri
    CAPPS ... North Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri
    COLLER ... England, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota
    GREENE / GREEN ... New York, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota
    DAVIES / DAVIS ... Wales, England; New Jersey, Minnesota
    EDDY ... Massachusetts, New York
    LONG ... Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Missouri
    PFEIFFER ... Switzerland, Illinois, Missouri
    RYNEARSON ... Holland; New York, New Jersey
    SHERMAN ... England, Massachusetts, New York, Iowa
    SCHUPP / SHOOP ... Germany, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Missouri
    SWIFT ... England, Massachusetts, New York, Wisconsin
    TEMPLE ... Massachusetts, Minnesota
    OSBORN ... ?
    THORPE ... England, Illinois, Missouri
    WILDER ... Massachusetts, New York, Wisconsin
For Missouri surnames, see my website listed above.

     eddress: or
The surnames in my family are:
    COHEN ... U.S.A. and Germany
    CONGER ... California, Indiana and New Jersey
    DALY ... Tennessee and New York
    GASAWAY / GASSAWAY ... Indiana and Kentucky
    HOLLINGSWORTH ... Illinois and Virginia
    LEWIS ... New York and Germany
    LYNCH ... North Carolina
    ORGAN ... USA and England
    ROBERSON / ROBINSON ... Tennessee
    STOCKMAN / STOECKMANN ... USA and Germany

SINGLETON, Professor Vernon L.
     Home: 601 J Street
     Davis, California 95616-2326 USA
Mine and my wife's family names under search:
    BELL ... Pennsylvania, Ohio
    BRATTAIN ... Indiana, North Carolina
    BROWN ... Indiana, Illinois, Alabama, Georgia
    CORNWELL ... Indiana, New Jersey
    DOOLEY ... Illinois, Kentucky
    GRIMES ... Indiana
    HUNLEY / HUNDLEY ... Kentucky, Virginia
    KITCHEN ... Indiana
    MORRIS ... Indiana, New Jersey
    MURPHY ... Indiana, Kentucky
    NELSON ... Indiana, Kentucky
    PELL ... Indiana
    SINGLETON ... Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia
    SMITH ... Indiana
    WILLIAMS ... Ohio

The surnames in my family are:
    DAILY ... Indiana
    GOULD ... Calif.
    GORMAN ... Ireland

TRUE, Betsy
     c/o Davis Genealogy Club
     c/o Davis Senior Center
     646 A Street
     Davis, California 95616 USA
The surnames in my family are:
    BARTLETT ... California, Washington
    LADD ... Camden or Belfast, Maine
    PORTER ... Camden or Lincolnville, Maine

WYMAN Christie
The surnames in my family are:
    BECKETT ... England, Utah
    BILLING ... England
    BILLINGSLEY ... Arkansas, Maryland
    BRANSFORD ... Texas
    DECKER ... Maine
    DIMICK ... Utah, Oregon
    GOLDEN ... Tennessee, Texas
    HUCKABAY ... Louisiana
    HUNTLEY ... Connecticut, California
    LAMBOURNE ... Utah
    LITTLETON ... Louisiana, Texas
    PETTIS ... Virginia
    SCHAINCK ... Holland
    UNDERWALKER ... New York, California
    WILLIAMS, Lewis ... Tennessee, Arkansas
    WYMAN / WEINMANN ... Maine, Wisconsin

[Your name here!]
     Davis, California 95616 USA
The surnames in my family are:
    @@ ... @@
    @@ ... @@
    @@ ... @@

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