Messages from the President …

This series of posts are a collection of member-only messages. Please do not forward.
During our Monday members-only work-groups, people will often share suggestions about useful resources — books, classes, online research tools — or describe some shortcut they have developed or found. Our club president (Lisa Henderson) frequently sends out collections of those suggestions, plus items she has found on her own, plus announcements sent to us from other clubs, plus details about our own programs and events. MEMBERS can see some of those letters here.
(The password to this members-only section will be sent out after you pay your dues.)

This section is for members only. You should have gotten the password after you paid your dues. If you cannot find or remember it, leave us a message in the “Contact us” form and someone will send you the current password.

While we work on our new website, the temporary password is 123321 (as of 3-31-2021).

Blue Ridge, from our tallest building (Sproul Hall at UCD), Davis, Yolo County, California.

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