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DGC Book Club – The Lost Family: How DNA Testing is Upending Who We Are (2020) by Libby Copeland

April 12, 2024 @ 12:30 pm

“Before You Spit in That Vial, Read This Book.” ―New York Times

“Wrestles with some of the biggest questions in life: Who are we? What is family? Are we defined by nature, nurture or both?” ―Washington Post

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You swab your cheek or spit into a vial, then send your DNA test away to a lab somewhere. Weeks later you get a report that might tell you where your ancestors came from or if you carry certain genetic risks. Or the report could reveal a long-buried family secret and upend your entire sense of identity.

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Event details:  From 12:30-1:00, members may join a pre-discussion brown bag lunch at the Senior Center.  At 1:00, we will begin our in person Book Club discussion.  Please check the door of Davis Genealogy Research Library that day for information on the location for either or both segments of this day’s events.

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Sourcing books:  To find a copy of the book(s), we recommend the Davis Public Library, Kindle, your local bookstore, eBay, AddAll.com, Better World Books, ThriftBooks and other online selling platforms for used books.