New members are welcome, as are returning and renewing members.   Annual dues entitle members to timely email notification of and access to programs and special events, digital handouts (for some programs), voting privileges, and the opportunity to contribute to the Davis Genealogy Club by holding office, serving on committees, or volunteering in the library.   

— Individual membership is $15/year. 

— Partner memberships are $30/year.  However, partners joining together receive notification through one email address only.  To receive separate emails, partners should join separately.

— Members joining on or after July 1 of a year will be considered a paid member from that date to the end of the following calendar year.

— If a member pays dues for a year for which they had already paid, that duplicate payment will be considered a donation to the nonprofit.

— If you’re not sure if you’ve already renewed, contact membership

To contact us about something other than joining or renewing, please  use the “Contact Us” form.

If one of the required (*) fields is not filled out, the form will refresh showing that field in red. Please fill it in and try again. Once you have submitted this form, you will see a confirmation that includes instructions on where/how to make your dues payment. Please pay as soon as possible to complete your membership process.

(form updated April 2021)