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Home [front page]

Opens directly from the main URL — — and uses images/blocks to link to other pages.  

About us (#7)

General info, list of officers, paragraphs of description include in-text links to: Membership. History, Contact, Library.   =

Events (#26)

Items entered here auto-populate a sidebar.  =

Library (#686)

Description of holdings, hours, and library activities.  =

Join / Renew (#324)

Info about new and continuing membership, including an application form which triggers automatic confirmation and notification actions.   =

Contact us

A form to send questions to any of the officers and committees.   =

The below pages exist but are NOT in the main navigation menu at the top.

History of our club …

Linked from the “About” page.


Gallery of lots of photos  =
(Some of these photos are also used in the front-page slider.)

Flyers, yesteryear …

Linked from the “History” page. =

Site map

This page!  =

Colors and Fonts

Used by website design team.  =

Genealogy Books:
Family History

Searchable table-format of Family History Books in our library, includes button to download our PDF with same info =

The below pages are CREATED, but not yet included.

Member-only entry

Instructions on how to get in to the private content areas of the website, with links to them. (Make by modifying )

Messages from the President (for posts)

Info about what these posts are and links to each post.  (Not ready yet.)  =

Message POSTS

Auto created, listed, and linked. Not usually accessed independently.  Each was PASSWORD PROTECTED when website launched in 4/2021.  (pw=123321)

The below pages are PROPOSED, but not yet created.

Prior Handouts

A member-only section housing all the available handouts from past presentations — mainly for folks to have quick access to older things.

Geo-temporal area

(Might be one page or several.)

Surname database

(Might be one page or several. Might be link to non-WP location?)